• Smurpy02

    In the final episode of mianite season 1 Jericho, Sonja, Syndicate, Captain Sparkelz and skipper Redbeard go in search of Aethoria to save Ianite and Captain Capsize (Redbeard's sister and Sparkelz's love) from Gaurdian Furia who betrayed Dianite.Before they left they had to deal with Furia who attempted to destroy there vessel but using TwistedGuy's DNA they used cow wands to destroy him, but Ianite and capsize were still locked away. To begin there quest they sailed to Ianarea on the S.S. Jerry where they collected Ianite in soul form. They used her soul to travel through the portal to Aethoria.

    "ye will not respawn." warned skipper Redbeard when they arrived in the new strange realm that was Aethoria."Oh this place is so familiar." he sa…

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  • JasmineE1999

    A Captains Love

    October 21, 2014 by JasmineE1999

    "What do you have there?" Jordan said, running towards Sonja.

    "Nothing, I don't think you would like to see" Sonja said as her NVIDA driver crashed.

    "God Dammit!" she yelled. Whatever Sonja was hiding it couldn't be good. She logged on and put whatever  it was back in its place. Jordan waited for her to leave before he opened the chest and saw a book from Captian Capsize. Jordan and Capsize seem to have a thing and everyone in the Realm knew it. It all started when Capsize gave Jordan a rose, and from then the spark(elz) flew.

    "What is this!?!" Jordan yelled "Why is my girl giving books to Tom!?!". Anger rushed through him as he read the book given to Tom. Jordan had to get her back. But how? Then it hit him. She gave Tom a big ship. So why do…

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  • Mandalor Meta

    Ideas for the Realm...

    September 24, 2014 by Mandalor Meta

    Got an idea to shoot to everyone. It's been awhile since there was a newer entity brought into the Realm of Mianite (The Shadows). So I thought they could introduce a new God. Theonite, God of Judgement and ruler of the seas. Also the eldest son to Trianite.

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  • RampageXLI


    August 26, 2014 by RampageXLI

    I just felt like adding a blog post since I just joined so...hai. :P

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  • NickDaGamer1998

    Okay then guys, first of all I want to say great job on creating all this Lore and Charactor Profiles, they're really staring to come together to something good. However, as the owner of this Wiki (Mianite-who-is-probably-not-Mianite) doesn't seem to be doing much editing and stuff, and the wiki keeps getting things deleted (By certain users) and there are no categorys (Profiles, Landscape)ETC, it falls down to two options:

    Option 1:  Someone is promoted to becoming an administrator, so they can edit or delete work/ add categorys for work to go into (E.G Canon/Non-Canon) and so on. They can add things from the Reddit posts aswell, to make it more canonical

    Option 2: We abandon this Wiki, take all our work with us onto a Mianite Wiki where th…

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