Basic Information Edit

Constantine is a white horse that bears Iron Horse armor. Constantine belongs to Syndicate. Syndicate one day wishes to leave Constantine for a mule so that he can go adventuring the world with a chest to carry his burdens. Constantine DOES NOT like to sit still when not tethered to a fence post.  

Legend says that Constantine spoke to Syndicate and told him that "Great things were to come." , until his untimely demise later in the series. 


Syndicate was secretly stalking SeaNanners when he came across a vast area of horses. Syndicate struggled to figure out how to tame at least one of these wonderful creatures. It was a bit difficult since he did not have a saddle nor a lead with him at the time. Eventually he was successful in the taming and naming of a mighty white steed. Syndicate came to name this white horse Constantine.


Constantine was dragged about for a while since Syndicate did not own a saddle to officially tame him. Once the tedious taming process was over, Constantine was a very magnificent and majestic steed for Syndicate. He has been through many trials of courage and strength. The first and easiest of the trials was making it back home safely bearing the confused and lost Syndicate on his back. The second was trying to resist the temptation of wondering off when Syndicate forget to tether him up to a fence post. The third was suffering the pain inflicted by the high drops Syndicate forced Constantine down. The fourth was scaling up high mountains and being able to repeatedly jump high distances. The fifth was withstanding the damage inflicted from Skeletons and Zombies who were mainly after Syndicate. The sixth was remaining calm while being hidden and/or stolen by the local priest of Mianite.


Constantine met a noble end in the Battle of the Cacti. R.I.P.

Legacy Edit

Constantine will be remembered as the first ever horse to be successfully tamed by Syndicate himself. He set the bar high for all other horses that will come to be tamed by the inhabitants of Mianite. Cacti got the best of him and further precautions will take place (eventually).

Constantine displayed fine courage and heroic strength. He will never be forgotten. He will go down in Mianite history as the first ever horse to be tamed in Mianite and the first ever tamed horse to die by cacti in Mianite.


Syndicate trying to saddle Constantine.