Conversions in Mianite Edit

This page is for the conversions (Day's, Metres, Ounces, etc.) in the lore of Mianite.

Time Edit

Days, Months and Years Edit

1 Day in "RealTime" is considered much faster than 1 Par-Eoux. With 1 Day being the equivalent of 5 Par-Eoux's. The name Par-Eoux comes from some of the first foreign (French) settlers who changed the culture of Mianite before being suspiciously dissapearing.

1 Month is 1/12 of a year. However, there are 36 in 1 "RealTime" year, 36 Oic's are in 1/100th of an Isis. Oic's were renamed from Tabe's after the French settlers arrived.

There are 100 years in 1 Isis. The god, Mianite, was imprisoned for 90 Isis' (9000 years.) and was exiled at the age of 3 Isis' (300 Years) This conversion has not been changed since it's induction.

Seconds, Minutes, Hours Edit

The seconds, minutes & hours have not been changed since the birth of the island.

1 Second = 1 Seer

1 Minute = 1 Mianute.

1 Hour = 1 Horrorra.

These are the only conversions to have had English influence.

Length, Width. Edit

Cm, Mm, M, Km Edit

1 Thoumetric is the equivalent of 2 kilometres.

1 Humetric is the equivalent of 2 metres.

1 Millaomaetric is the equivalent of 2 millimetres (This conversion has had Nordic influence.)

1 Centimetric is the equivalent of 2 centimetres.

In, Ft, Yd, Mi Edit

The imperial system was scrapped after the french invasion, only the metric/maetric system is used now.