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This information is fan-made, and not a part of the official Mianite Canon storyline.

"Herobine, Son Of Dianite"

Dianite's SonEdit

When Dianite was forced to reside in The land of fire due to the arguments about furniture color. Soon to be character in Mianite. Dianite created another being to reside with him, His Underling. Herobrine. Born with pearl white eyes and the image of the average mortal. He was Born to hate all and everyone who was mortal. Demi-god, powerful yet with one strike he can bring down any being, kings and lords of the Land Of Mianite. 


Born in the Land Of Fire he soon became powerful through his fathers teachings. He would create castles or Fortresses in the what he now called the Land Of Fire, The Nether. His home, he had always followed the words of his father, for there was always cruelty and fear in his voice. Herobrines first encounter was during a stroll through the sixth demension of the Nether. A character with green skin would wander through here breaking his precious rocks and leave through which a portal he had only seen once. When his father traveled through it to the overworld, a land full of hate and greed, war and despair. But there was also happiness and rejoice. Things he had never felt. His other Father Mianite, God of the mortals and the Land he had named "Land Of Mianite". Herobine will soon come to be...