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Battle Hymns Edit

Here resound the Hymns of war waged in Mianite, battle cries, Victory Chants, and Spells of Vengence.

Immortal struggle Edit

A tale of two brothers,

One white and one red,

To balance each other

One ruled life, the other dead.

But as history has shifted,

As it often does do.

The brother’s where rifted,

With life and death too.

They each chose their side,

Yet tried to keep still.

But struggle won’t hide,

When, broken, is will.

Life cowered in the thunder,

This conflict of gods

Which one would be under,

Leveled by odds?

They took to the air,

The tempest still brewing.

With shock and despair,

In all they were doing.

With one final blow,

The red one defeated.

In death he did go,

But only retreated.

Soon shall he return,

With armies of ample.

And this world will burn,

And life will be trampled.

There is one, the un-shown,

Who quietly observes.

A goddess unknown,

With her own fierce reserves.

A quell by injunction,

She may intervene,

There will be destruction,

Like no one has seen.

(Written by Requiemstar)

The First War Edit

The gods have fell silent

Their artifacts displayed

As brothers take side

Destruction delayed

Monuments Erected

Have now been defaced

Brothers now broken

Sins un-erased

Treasure is stolen

A key is consumed

Take up your weapons

Peace is now doomed

Pray to your Gods

May they lend you their ear

But if they stay silent

You are right to feel fear

(Written by Requiemstar)

Hymns of Mianite Edit

MIanite's Prayer Edit

Oh, sing to our Lord on high,

We your sheep,

We your flock,

We the righteous and divine.

Oh, sing to our Lord on high,

give us goodness,

give us joy,

give us peace for all man-kind.

Oh, sing to our Lord on high,

endow our numbers,

endow our might,

endow your kingdom with immortal flame.

Oh, sing to our Lord on high,

bring us victory,

bring us success,

bring the world for us to claim.

(Written by Requiemstar)

By Mianite's Hand Edit

The Flame of Creation

Has started anew

To build up a nation

Of followers true

To those full of Honor

Loyalty and Trust

A testament to Valor

Thy weapons shan’t Rust

Those Warriors of God

Who Fight for True Good

Without fear they trod

Where evil once stood

Lay waste to deception

Relinquish thy foe

Be made no exception

Darkness must go

The light will prevail

If together we stand

Our might will not fail

By Mianite’s Hand

(Written by Requiemstar)

Twin Chest Plates of Power Edit

Forged from a slice of blood hardened steal,

Two chest plates of might endowed with Mianite’s Seal.

Created for Warriors to bring times of peace:

So trust would remain and fighting would cease.

The armor was split to nemesis and friend,

Replacing the balance so battles would end.

As time did continue and guards were let down,

The relics were hidden if war did rebound.

As unrest returns let power revive,

If peace un-restored, no one will survive.

(Written by Requiemstar)

Hymns of Dianite Edit

Chant of Lord Dianite Edit

Lord of Darkness

Lord of night

Bring to us

Your Power and Might

Eternal struggle

Eternal fight

Chaos echoes

Diminish light

Lord of demons

Lord of war

Bless your minions

Both near and far

We the wicked

We the damned

Will do what our

Dark lord demands

Lord of anger

Lord of death

In Dianite’s name

Till our last breath

(Written by Requiemstar)

Spell of Death’s Wail Edit

Dark enchantment Dark embrace

Bring to life the undead race.

Necromancers far and wide,

From your call no soul shall hide.

Drunk from blood nourished by fear,

Necrotic calls all life can hear.

Come forth in night and burn by day,

Reclaim creation in mass decay.

Infections rampant transgression grown,

From within the grave we’re set to roam.

Rejoin existence marked by a curse

The gates of hell, these words, shall burst.

(Written by Requiemstar)

Hymns of Ianite (Eyanite) Edit

Ianite's Rite Edit


Not just black

Not just white


There are times for peace

And times to fight


There cannot be right

Without the wrong


There cannot be weak

Without the strong


Reason is fair

Knowledge is proof


Lady of Equality

Goddess of Truth

(Written by Requiemstar)