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Scene one: Ianite in prison betwixt heaven and earth

( narrator explains that after the great sundering that shook the very foundations of the

cosmos Ianite was imprisioned by both Dianite and Mianite for whilst Dianite and

Mianiate were set on having their epic battle forsaking all creation, Ianite (being a bit

nice and a little bit naughty--think trixter like Loki) strived to unite them all once more.

At first she was completely set on achieving her goal. Via righteous logic ,she eventually

realized that Dianite and Mianite were deaf to her words so she became a full on trixter

and started setting non-leathal frustrating traps around creation that she hoped would

unite the waring gods in a common goal. Her plan worked but it backfired for eradicating her became the goal so after catching her they decided that they couldn't kill their own "sister" so they

imprisoned her for eternity betwixt heaven and earth destroying her earthly form so

she could not escape. however there was a prophecy spoketh by Bob the villiager in

the blasted realm of unending thirst:

A hero shall arise who of his own accord emulates 

the principles of truth,justice and honor having never met nor heard of Ianite he will name her as his metiphorical lady serving her because he is told he must choose a side. When this

comes to pass he shall be tempted by the light. If he stays true he shall empower Ianite

to once again take physical form and break free from her shackles. the light will then

side with her and together deafeat the dark lord. But beware a shadow stirs in the

depths( some dipshit dealved too deep.)  :) < maybe a dedicated villiager miner was told that a bunch of emeralds lay under bedrock and he finally found a way tru lol >

This is just scene one of ianites story (I was thinking of making this an animation but I

don't have the talent (yet lol)

Note: the sundering referred to was the shattering of the one god Trianite into the

3separate gods( I was thinking of a dark crystal like scene for this idea)

(And just an idea on the shadow maybe put his realm in the abyss(area under bedrock)

    • This idea may be a bit to corny but it might be cool for an animation to be made of Ianite breaking free from her prison and burst into a Land of Mianite Parody version of Frozen's Let it go**

I welcome revisions to this idea even a community continuation of this story ,this is just

an idea I wanted to share with the land of mianites Dev team.

Keep this awesome series coming ty all . IGN Haelbane

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