Who Is Ianite? A Hero... Or A Master Of Evil? Edit

At the dawn of the world, there came the birth of three gods, two with roles setting in greater effect on the humans of the world. Mianite, the gloried hero of the land, light to all and enemy to none. Dianite, the bane of his elder brother, youngest of the three. He grew tired of standing in the shadows of Mianite, so he became at home within the darkness. But what of the middle child, Ianite?

She was neither friend or foe, like an angel of death and life. Harmful to none, but also a non hopeful force. She was neutrality, and yet she was still given a temple. She had not asked for it, but found herself to be a voice of fairness among the judging and hardships of the people. Whenever a decision needed to be made, groups would flock to Ianite's temple, bringing sacrifices of donkeys, horses, and mules. Yes, always mules.

She bore the burden, eased the suffering of his chosen few, those looking for the fairness in the world. But that did not mean that she would not strike down those causing an unbalance in the world. That was her love: the unbalance of forces that her brothers' war would bring upon the helpless.

Ionite is the refuge of the weak, the shield of the strong, and the scythe on the weeds. Her temple is always on the even ground, never straying to the heavens, or under to the hell. Her fairness is loved and hated, and will always cater to those who respect the balance, never swaying the scales.