Key: 375 was received by Syndicate in Ep.8 of Syndicate's Mianite series. The key was discovered by Syndicate in Dianite's cauldron after Dianite gave him instructions on how to obtain it. Dianite also told Syndicate not to speak of the key to IIJERiiCHOII (Tucker). Syndicate failed Dianite and Dianite reclaimed The Blade Of Dianite. It was then burned in front of Syndicate. Syndicate felt depressed after this event and felt as though he has let his god down. CommunityMC (Declan) told Syndicate that the key would make sense later on.

NOTE: Key: 375 is in the form of a Golden Apple.

NOTE: Key: 375 was later consumed by IIJERiiCHOII, leaving Syndicate confused as to what he is to do now