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SynHD sees himself...


-Laginite [Episode 5]


The 3rd revealed god of Mianite. Not as powerful or as major of a god as Mianite or Dianite, but still considerably very powerful. First introduced in the 5th episode as a nusiance, but proggresively becoming more harmful to the episode and to the stream in general. He is the spawn of Dianite and archnemesis of Streamitite. Little to nothing is known of Laginites physical appearance. (See Uses of Divine Power)



  • No relationship is obvious between the two gods. It is assumed that Laginite fears Mianite due to his enormous amounts of power and influence, but since Laginite has no known physical form, it's also assumed that Mianite can not do any damage to him


  • These two are thought to have a leader-right hand man relationship. Since Laginite is one of Dianite's highest ranking officers, it's assumed that Laginite should have enourmous amounts of power. It should be noted however that Laginite might have a sort of grudge against Dianite for not providing him the title "Lord".

Hermaeus mora

  • One of Laginates allies.  Exchanges knowledge for his power to mantain an etheral form.

Tom Syndicate

  • One of Laginite's main enemies. In episode 6, it should be noticed that Laginite attempted several times to thwart Synndicate's stream, however failing.


  • Another one of Laginite's enemies. In episode 6, unlike Syndicate, Laginite eventually attacks so fiercely that Tucker leaves the game. RAGE QUIT.