Here is the Backstory for the Land of Mianite.

The Nether WarsEdit

Long, long ago, the Land of Mianite was a peaceful place. From the Agraubog Sea, to the Plains of Gorinacht, from the desert village Moriant, to the Ayalamih Mountains. One day, the forces of the Nether came through a portal into Mianite, to wage war on humanity. The forces of the Nether were sent by the Wither to collect resources to fuel its ever growing power. The Wither had used up all the resources in the Nether, turning it into a hellish wasteland, and had now turned to the Overworld in its quest for power. Humanity was willing to fight to the final breath, but the Nether forces outnumbered them in the thousands. God, the true enemy of the Wither, ressurected the fallen humans as an undead army to drive back the Wither's legions to the fiery hellhole from which they came. After the fierce war was waged, and humanity prevailed with the aid of God, they broke the portal, warding off the armies of the Nether.

Guardians of MankindEdit

However the undead humans began turning on the living ones. Most of humanity was overrun, God no longer had the power to control the undead hordes. So in a last effort to save human kind, God sent forth two guardians of mankind, champions who had the strength to slay the masses of zombies and skeletons, and who could maybe defeat the force of evil itself, the Wither. These two heroes were named Tom the Fearless and Tucker the Mighty, God also sent forth a prophet to guide them on their journey, one who had the power to communicate with God himself, Dec the Wise. Other heroes such as Hecz the Fierce and Adam the Cunning journeyed to and from distant lands to aid the two champions. When God sent forth his heroes, they were sent to the Ayalamih Mountains to begin their quest. Supplies and resources were hard to come by, and battles were often fought between the guardians for them, but disputes were always resolved, and the band of heroes remains united as protectors of humanity, and defenders of the Land of Mianite.