'Lord Decanite' in human form as his undercover name 'CommunityMC'


'Lord Decanite' uses his teleporting powers to teleport the offender into a lava 'torture' chamber.

Lord DecaniteEdit

Lord Decanite's birth date, or place of origin is unknown. He has strong connections to the 'Gods of Mianite' through years of worshiping, sacrificing and praising the gods, and has now gained the ability to torture, troll, or even slaughter all in the name of 'the Gods'."It is said by the Mianites, that Lord Decanite has control over the entire world, and that he can summon up what he likes, when he likes, to whoever he likes. He is sometimes seen in his human form, and goes by the name CommunityMC or simply to other Mianites, The Priest."

Lord Decanite is a castaway from the wizards.

In the first episode of Season 2 of Mianite, he seems to not recognize the Mianitees.

Syndicates encounter with the Lord and his power.Edit

On the 31st of May 2014, 'Syndicate' killed the priest, after he allegedly tried to steal Syndicate's horse. The lord's death resulted in a huge burst of anger from Lord Decanite (thereafter he attempted to kill Syndicate). This was the first face-to-face encounter with 'The Priest'.