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Lord Trianite is the Almighty Father to the realm of Mianite. His sons, Mianite and Dianite and his daughter Ianite. Lord Trianite is the creator of all the realms, The Realm of Mianite, The realm of Dianite, The realm of Ianite and the realm of Trianite. The realm of Mianite is a realm (overworld) he created so then his most loved son could live in peace away from his chaotic brother Dianite. He created the realm of Dianite (nether) after the betrayal, he created the realm to be a prison for Dianite but mianites have found many other uses for the realm. Lord Trianite has a brother called Kianite (Lord_Kianite) who Mianite, Dianite and Ianite never knew.

Prophecy Edit

There is a prophecy that one day, the realms will align and all the realms will meet. there will be a glimpse of time in which it will be possible to enter the realm of Trianite. Only the worth will be able to pass through to the realm of Trianite, one member from each of the four religions, Trianite, Mianite, Dianite and Ianite. These four followers will from then on be known as the demi gods of their religion.

Followers Edit

CommunityMC - Community MC also known as Decanite (unknown to mianites) is thought to be the only follower of Trianite and the only one to know of him.