Mianite Lore Edit

Adapted from the FanFiction under the title "Ianite's Saga: The Realm of Mianite Lore" with permission from the author. [Source 1]

The Beginning: Edit

Once, the was only code. No one knows how much time passed, yet eventually, the binary language collaborated into a sentient being. Their name, Life. After a short time in existence, this being got tired of staring at an advanced code known as Java, and created something. He created terrain, and the basics of life, placing source blocks of water and lava, and ores. Some that dissipated in mere seconds, but others that would stay for many many more days. This, was called Mianite. Yet, alas, he soon grew weary of no one else to talk to. But one day he meet someone... A being who proclaimed the lower region of Mianite his own domain, and called it the Void, who could control the darkness in the realm. His name, Death.