Lord Nvidia is the most mysterious figure in the entire of the Mianite series. He has made a debut in both season 1 and 2. Lord Nvidia is a major enemy of Syndicate. He made a huge impact in the season 1 purge where he astonishingly got 20 kills, but yet nobody saw him and nobody could kill him. He still haunts the players sometimes. He also possesses an essentia called "Invidia". he helped get the hashtag #Nvidiapls trending. Tom claimed that the spatioIO land was "The Land of Nvidia."

Crash Edit Edit

Nvidia possesses the ability to instantly kill his target, temporarily kicking the player from the world of Mianite.

He is also the first god to appear outside of Mianite, as can be seen in one of CaptainSparklez's Hunger Games video title, "CaptainSparklez vs nVidia".

Blessing Edit Edit

Nvidia possesses the ability to bless people with its powers through the substance "Hyoscyamine". Waglington was the first to be blessed by The Corrupter. He poured this blessing into three swords. He gave one to Tom, one to Jordan, and kept one for himself. After that, Sparklez used the sword to kick a wizard, as they were breaking his windows. This made the wizard very angry/a little sad.

Glitch Edit Edit

Nvidia can afflict major damage to all players, creating glitching effects that disembodied and mixing people's bodies. Like what happened to Waglington, Firefoxx, and Sparklez while preparing on Jericho's birthday room because Dec has essence of Nvidia when looking through a Thaumometer causing glitches in the room.

The Sword Of NVIDIA

The Sword Of Nvidia is an item that will crash the player's Minecraft client.

It was discovered by Waglingtion while he was experimenting with Minechem and it is said that it is controlled by the god himself, NVIDIA.

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