OMGitsfirefoxx's Skin


Sonja Reid, or better known as OMGitsfirefoxx, is a member of Team Mianite and was part in the shadows, and Jerichos' companion.


Season 1 Edit

Real Name: Sonja Reid

Title(s): omgitsfirefoxx, Firefox, Sonja, Booty Hoe, That Wizard Girl, The Booty Toucher

Birthday: February 12th 1991

Currently living in Canada

OMGitsfirefox follows Lord Mianite,and mostly talks to Jericho AKA Tucker, CaptainSparklez AKA Jordan, Syndicate AKA Tom and Waglington AKA wags or James.

Sonja isn't the best PVPer due to her low killings in the Purge. But she can still make you laugh.

She is usually with her snowman Boris.

Season 2 Edit

In season 2 you see are fox to become her own and spilt for the group (she is a independent woman that needs no God)

She is very knowledgable of the mod thaumcraft. This causes her to make evil annoying things spawn around her.

She learned that her blood and Mianite's blood are powerful and can be used together.

She is making new friendships with Wag.

Sonja is now fighting much better and is a force to be wreaked with.

Abilities Edit

lover Of The land Edit

She is know to take care of the land and all the creatures of it.

Foxx Mind Edit

Her mind is like a fox. She is very snaky and loves tricks. Sonja can start something with people and lay back and watch.(Don't get on her bad side she will not go down with out a fight)

Flirting over 9000 Edit

She is smart and beautiful. She can get any man she want but she does not need one as she has tucker.

Facts Edit

She was on the shadows but then they disappeared.

Scared of sunflowers.

Can't handle her chilly.

Missions (Season 1)Edit

  • Spread the word of Mianite.
  • Defeat the followers of Dianite.
  • Help find the Heart of Ianite. (Successful)
  • Help release Ianite from the clutches of Dianite.
  • Defend Boris at all costs.
  • Touch butts

Funny stuff Edit

Sonja was recently trapped in a AE2 Spatial Storage Cell and was used as a purge bet.