There was once a great, cunning and brave man by the name of SeaNanners. He loved to play cruel, overboard pranks on people and generally troll them.

When SeaNanners arrived into the world of Mianite, Syndicate tried to roll with SeaNanners while Jericho seems to have trouble accepting him into their small group although they can all strangely relate to each other. SeaNanners was unsure of what and where everything was at the time since the world of Mianite seemed alien to him.

However, he took it to such an extreme that the gods all agreed to banish him, but he mysteriously disappeared after engaging in a mindless, brutal war with Syndicate and Jericho. He robbed Syndicate's belongings in particular and made a break for it. Syndicate later was on his tracks and tracked him to a nearby river where Nanners was forced to have a final stand between him carrying nothing against Syndicate with full diamond armor and sword. After being drowned and beaten by Syndicate, they went off into their own ways. SeaNanners gave Syndicate a peak into the future saying that he wants to find lava, but he never told Syndicate and Jericho why he needed to acquire such a thing. Later on, Syndicate finds SeaNanners roaming about and started to stalk him and plan on how to troll him, and when SeaNanners noticed, jumped into the nearby pool of boiling lava, thus trolling Syndicate and was never heard from again.

Legend has it that if you bury a potato in a plains biome, his giggles can be heard.