Spark is an alternate dimension version of CaptainSparklezwho lives in the season two world of Mianite. Spark wasIanite's lover and husband. He disappeared ten years before the events of season two. He formerly owned Pivot of Balancebefore it was given to King Helgrind and then CaptainSparklez. It is said that he also built the scales in the sky. According toMartha, Spark was the original founder of Dagrun and that he made his journey there when the "Meadows were green and lush" Spark is also known to have green shades unlike Jordan's, which are red. Spark and Ianite had two children -King Helgrind and Martha. Supposedly, according to the book Ianite's Dreams #2 Spark, Countrybat (Alt Sonja), Mot (Alt Tom), and Jeriah (Alt Tucker) were sent to The season 1 dimension by Ianite to try to revive Season 1 Dianite (Who Tom Killed) Because Ianite sensed the Disruption of the balance that can only from a gods demise. However They became trapped there while the s1 gang wound up in Ruxomar. Mot However somehow found his way back to Ruxomar by accident.

Theories Edit Edit

In episode 72(on Captainsparklez's side) The voices in Sparklez's head were questioning whether Spark was the person who killed Dianite, the brother of his wife. The assassin who killed Dianite was robed, as if he didn't want to be seen. As if he didn't want to ruin his relationship with Ianite. Perhaps Spark vanished so he wouldn't have to tell Ianite what he had done. Perhaps Spark had enough wizardly powers to teleport himself far away from Ianite, in the hopes that she would never hear of what he had done.

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