The Beginning The first race of Humanity, the 'Gods' had once lived on the planet they called "Earth". This world was unlike any world we could possibly imagine nowadays. The very physics of Earth was unlike anything seen today. On this planet, there was a man who had a dream. A dream for people to be able live their lives with no boundaries, nothing to hold back the creativity God had given to our species. This man was called Notch. Using the technology at his disposal, he began to shape a world where everything was made of blocks. He was not the only one. As he toiled behind what was then called a 'computer', a man came to him who had read about his work on artificial universes. He said, "At last, I have finally found you! My name is Dec. I am here to help you with your work. I too, am tired of the constraints of this world. Let us call this new land of adventure Minecraftia!". Straight away, Notch new this was the beginning of something great... and he was right.

The years passed by, and at the end of each one, the new found friends toasted to their work, rejoicing in their progress. After 5 years of continuous work, they completed the world! "It's beautiful!" they said, as they looked into the screen, and saw the wonderful sight that is Minecraftia. Without hesitation, they jumped in. There was a problem however. At the end of one particularly long and tiring day, Notch had accidently created a realtime copy of Minecraftia. As Minecraftia progressed, so did the other. When Notch had transferred their bodies into the computer, He ended up sending Dec into the parrellel universe.

Dec spent years searching for Notch in the forests of the new world, until he came to the conclusion that Notch had purposefully trapped him in a seperate dimension. Filled with rage, Dec renamed the world to show his anger to Notch. He named the newly rendered land Mianite.

One day, Dec had an idea. He was so very lonely, and after seeing a deer jump in his path he decided to create his very own race of humans. He named his first creations Syndicate, and filled him with the strength and cunning that he had. And he named his second creation Jericho, and filled him with the luck he wished he had but didn't. They were a great success, achieving full sentience and they were just like real humans. Dec quickly became attached to them, and could not bear to tell them the truth about their origins and break their hearts. These were but the first, as Dec quickly began to create entire villages of these creations, leading to a full scale world.


Made by Ralph the God of Mianite

Hope you guys liked it! I respect that other people might want a different story, feel free to make one, just please leave this one!!