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When Mianite and Dianite were young they had constant disputes, there were disputes over everything, even the tiniest things. Soon there little sister, Ianite, had, had enough and was fed up with being caught in the cross fire of their arguments so she decided to defuse any situation that arose between them.

Many years had past and Ianites attempts to keep her brothers at bay had worked to no fail. But one night Mianite was walking to his sleeping quarters, when he heard the squealing of his beloved coming from her quarters. He ran as fast as he could hoping he wasn't too late. When he got there he was treated with an unpleasant sight it was his brother and his wife in the same bed. Mianite was enraged, he grabbed Dianite beat him senseless. Dianite was there after banished by his father, Trianite for eternity to live out his endless life locked up the nether.