Captainsparklez breathed the new air into his lungs, inhaled the new scents into his nostrils. The realm of mianite had brought him here at last. And before him, he saw two men. Two factions. Two choices. Syndicate and Jerricho had came to welcome the newcomer, putting all aside to embrace him. He had done this captainsparklez had achieved peace just with his mere presence. But so short lived. For he would need to make the choice between them, to become a warrior of mianite or a soldier of dianite. And soon the peace failed, as he built his home, collected resources, made friends. But they quarreled over him, in their bid to take him for their own. And Sparklez did not like it, not one bit. And ianite, finally sensing a worthy leader for her faction of mortals, made herself known to him. And he was enlightened. So one day, he snuck away from either side, to join Iantite, the god of justice. And to this day, the thus far lone hero has striven to keep the peace, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding with ease. But always with right on his side... And a goddess smiling upon him.