Chapter 1: The Dark Lord Calleth Edit

Beneath, in a world, blacker than night,

calling for a champion to destroy all light,

the Dark Lord waits for when the day arrives,

when he returns, and dark chaos thrives.

The Old God sleepeth, sealed away by the three,

his power so great, it made them flee.

Before they chained him and took away his power,

He tainted their souls, for his fateful hour.

When he should return, to reclaim it all.

The red one was tainted with a sliver of dark,

a way to preserve his evil part.

And so the red one was left with his mark,

a savage bloodlust, pure and medieval.

The white one was cursed with a world full of creatures,

who destroyed it and broke it, and were earth leachers.  

The purple one cursed with a terrible illness,

where if chaos continued, would cause her eternal stillness.

And so he waits, in the void,

his destruction knowing no bound. 

And if you enter without his permission,

your death and destruction is nigh.

Chapter 2: The Old WorldEdit

This chapter goes back to the days of yore,

before the realms and the gods of lore.

In peaceful times with gods that numbered five,

when they all reigned and were alive.

Mianite, the god who gave the world light,

who delivered the people from the darkness of night.

Dianite, the red god of fire,

his heat and warmth was not known prior.

Ianite, the goddess of peace,

who's justice and fairness would never cease.

Two unknown gods, who's names time has forgot,

chaotic stacked chunks and sky islands, created for naught.

Their realms ceased to exist, one fateful hour,

by Death, the Dark Lord, the Old God and his infinite power.

There were minor gods, such as ones for all creatures,

and long forgotten mobs with unknown features.

But the Old God slept beneath each realm,

and the gods weak power he did quickly overwhelm.

A great war broke out, like none other known,

and through much sacrifice, he was sealed beneath immortal stone.

And so he waits beneath in the dark,

waiting for his champion to arrive.

And extinguish the weak god's spark,

and make his shadows consume and thrive.