The World Of Mianite Edit

Chapter 1 : Creation and the Lord Edit

First came the seed a world made by numeral development. But with this one seed came a special addition,

the almighty Mianite! Mianite was the first god but a singular almighty being can get lonely. So at first he

passed his days granting residence to all manner of creatures unto his world, including the first miner's

Syndicate and Jericho.

Chapter 2 : The First Sibling Edit

After some time had passed Mianite began to become overwhelmed by the number of creatures in his

world and so he created a sister to help him bless the residents of his world, however they had a difference

in opinions, she felt that rewards should only be given for equal work. Ianite as she became known

eventually moved from the overworld, with it's unbalnced creations and created a new world. which later became

known as the end. however before leaving the overworld she created horse's and endermen, the horse's

trade travel for food. and the endermen try to undo her brothers work. In the end she created more endermen with the

power to travel between the end and the overworld. then she created the ender dragon to watch over her realm while

she slept.