Mianite Edit

The ancient god Mianite is a mysterious being and little is known about him, most prominently that he was discovered - buried away - when the first inhabitants of the realm (Syndicate and Jericho) burrowed deep within Mt. Minorte. He was very generous and gifted them well, and has been on a quest to return to his highest status within the realm's hierarchy, the arch-god of Mianite.

Background Edit

Mianite was once a troublesome god, spreading apocalypse and torment wherever he went, he brought a plague of zombies upon the households of Yiar and starved his rivals in his hometown of Ziakine. He was only 3 Isis' old when he was exiled from "The chain."

Exile Edit

He became an exile and was entombed in the core of Mt. Minorte for 90 Isis' (See: "Conversions in Mianite"). During this time the island was swept with floods, a volcanic eruption and several devastating lightning storms but after 2 Zeu's (50 Years) of clear weather the first humans to inhabit the world of Mianite landed and awoke the god from his slumber.

His Resting Place Edit

The god, Mianite, is said to die in the temple of Odin located in the skies far south above the island. It is there that he will rest and fully restore peace to the island. He can not rest until he reaches the temple of Odin and must do so by passing the Royal Paladin's of Mianite.