Once there were two ancient kingdoms, the Great kingdom of Miamium, and the Devilish kingdom of Dianiscus, and they both wanted to rule the world, obviously for different reasons. The King of Dianiscus, Dianite, wanted to rule the world to obtain power, money and women, while on the other hand, the king of Miamium, Mianite, wanted to unite the world to end poverty, disease, and war.

One day King Mianite denounced King Dianite because he attacked a village in King Mianite's territory. This caused King Dianite to take up arms and declare war on the Great Kingdom of Miamium. The war lasted for over 20 years, and both Kingdoms sustained casualties in the millions, but the war was not what King Dianite envisioned, for he was losing the fight. However, king Dianite used all his wealth and wine, then sacrificed hundreds of civilians in order to gain an evil power. Using this power,it only took 5 years for King Dianite to turn the tides of war, and gain land in the Miamium territory. Now the only way for King Mianite to defeat King Dianite was to lock him another world. King Mianite told his scientist to create a way to open a portal to another world. Finally, after 2 years of research and preparation, the scientists discovered a way, using 14 pieces of a rare and hard material called "obsidian". Then, King Mianite came up with a plan., Disguised as a simple trader, King Mianite Lured King Dianite away from his armies, with the false promise of wine and riches, and when King Mianite was discovered by King Dianite, King Dianite attacked King Mianite, almost killing him instantly. However as a desperate last attempt, King Mianite opened the portal to another world, and with all his strength King Mianite hurled King Dianite into the hellish portal. Though King Mianite survived the battle against King Dianite, he only had a short time to live, so with the last of his strengh he told his scientists to develop a portal to take his kingdom to another world, and protect them for all time. Some villagers didn't want to go, so they stayed in The Kingdom where Miamium was once placed, and told stories of their once great ruler King Mianite. They held him as a god, and some say heroes will come and help Mianite defeat Dianite some say day. The kingdom of Miamium will come back they say, and make the world a better place. Or will it?