The Purple Conspiracy (TPC) Edit

The purple conspiracy is a conspiracy theory made by the fans of Mianite. However people thought that the purple conspiracy was just a lie and rumor when in actual fact it is more realistic than Syndicates love for his clownfish. The theory starts with the Lords Dianite and Mianite, each of these superbeings have their own colour to represent their cause, Dianite's is red whilst Mianite's is blue. What do the two colours red and blue make purple. This seems a little 'fishy', purple is also a colour a colour that belongs to the Lord of balance Ianite, the word colour has 6 letters the word Ianite has 6 letters, 6x6= 36? 36 as in 3 and 6 like 3+6 which = 9. 9 is a multiple of 3, 3 is the number of gods in Mianite each god represents 3 in some way. Dianite as in Devil a devil has a trident with three spikes. Mianite as in God which means God, Jesus and the holy spirit? So what does Ianite represent in a form of three that's the purple conspiracy. Ianite represents Balance, Peace and Illuminati!!! But wait this is minecraft the illuminati doesn't have anything to do with Mianite or Minecraft, well your right, but your wrong at the same time because everything has to do with Minecraft all you have to do is blockify the subject. So that means the purple conspiracy is related to Illumianite and not Illuminati. And if that's the case then that means Jordan AKA Captain Sparklez is Illumianite.

Author: Anime X Nemo ( Long Live Dianite ).

The true Origin of the #PurpleConspiracy - MusicTechnician


This is Syndicate's clownfish that he caught and framed in his first house.