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The Seven are a group of holy individuals, or "priests" that communicate between the god, Lord Mianite and the lowly people that live in the land of Mianite. They are the equal opposites to The Six, who serve the Lord Dianite to advance his purposes.

As their name suggests, there are seven members in this group. Legend has it that the Seven were created by Lord Mianite to oversee the existance of the humans, and to call upon the great Lord if ever there were to arise a crisis that could only be solved by Lord Mianite.

When the world was created, Lord Mianite bestowed upon the first settlers Syndicate and Jericho a man crafted in his own image named Lord Decanite, or "Dec", as he was known to the people.

Characteristics Edit

Only one priest has been in communication with the humans since the creation of the world, Decanite "Dec" the priest.

The Seven priests look the same as any normal human in the Land of Mianite, however, they are able to take the spiritual form of Lord Mianite to carry out the deeds against or for the mortals, depending on what has occurred amongst the people below. The first recorded instance of a priest doing this is when Syndicate slayed Dec for attempting to steal his horse. The Lord Mianite observed this act of hatred and retaliated by summoning the soul of Dec to transport Syndicate to an active volcano. Once Lord Mianite had had his way, Dec's body was returned to the world, alive and well.