Volume 1( episode2)

In the early days of Mianite a strange beast was invited into the land. Within the confusion of the battle of Tucker's Mountain the banana man was able to loot the chests on the peak and make his escape. After the battle was over Syndicate and Jeriicho realised the treachery and decided to track him down. Soon after, the nanner man drowned himself in an attempt to get rid of all the royal goods that had previously belonged to Jeriicho but soon after Syndicate found his shallow grave along with all the loot.

After regaining their trust they all went on an expedition to the dark below beneath Syndicate's house. After a small amount of mining Syndicate turned on Seananners by eventually killing him with lava. After Seananners respawned he went to both Syndicate and Jeriicho's houses and placed lava under their bed's then set off to find horses. As the Banana man ran into the sunset Syndicate followed him after a long chase and many times where Syndicate thought he had lost Seananners he consulted the voices in his head to see weather he should kill the banana man. But before he could make his move Seananners spotted him and jumped into lava to prevent Syndicate from getting the satisfaction and his loot back that he had stolen earlier. With Seananners dead he did something unspeakable! He LEFT FOR LUNCH!