The Origin of Minor Gods Edit

These minor gods were first created to watch over the young and untrained Mianite, Dianite, and Ianite. Each aligned themselves with the daily tasks that each Mianites did. When Mianite and his siblings created the world these nameless yet guardians arrive in spawn first and ran to all the corner of the world for it to form. When the conflict of Mianite and Dianite arose, only two of the four minor gods pledge themselves to Mianite and Dianite. The other two stay away of this conflict only to watch in fear as brother fought brother and the sealing of Ianite in the end and the banishment of Dianite.

The ones who pledge themselves to their lord were able to acquire names for themselves and in Ianite's last word given names to the other two.

Teocite Edit

  • The follower of Mianite.
  • God of crafting and enchanting

Fotmite Edit

  • The follower of Dianite
  • God of combat and mining
  • also known as The Deceiver that locked Ianite away

Ceolite Edit

  • The goddess of fishing and breeding
  • she hides herself from any Mianites except CaptainSparkles/Jordan for he seeks Ianite's prison

En-bo Kite Edit

  • The god of farming, harvesting, and adventure
  • The fastest among the others no Mianite has seen him cause where he goes things grow in his path
  • he is consider the wisest among the four but his word can only heard as rambles cause no Mianite is worthy yet to be his priest