• JasmineE1999

    A Captains Love

    October 21, 2014 by JasmineE1999

    "What do you have there?" Jordan said, running towards Sonja.

    "Nothing, I don't think you would like to see" Sonja said as her NVIDA driver crashed.

    "God Dammit!" she yelled. Whatever Sonja was hiding it couldn't be good. She logged on and put whatever  it was back in its place. Jordan waited for her to leave before he opened the chest and saw a book from Captian Capsize. Jordan and Capsize seem to have a thing and everyone in the Realm knew it. It all started when Capsize gave Jordan a rose, and from then the spark(elz) flew.

    "What is this!?!" Jordan yelled "Why is my girl giving books to Tom!?!". Anger rushed through him as he read the book given to Tom. Jordan had to get her back. But how? Then it hit him. She gave Tom a big ship. So why do…

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