Okay then guys, first of all I want to say great job on creating all this Lore and Charactor Profiles, they're really staring to come together to something good. However, as the owner of this Wiki (Mianite-who-is-probably-not-Mianite) doesn't seem to be doing much editing and stuff, and the wiki keeps getting things deleted (By certain users) and there are no categorys (Profiles, Landscape)ETC, it falls down to two options:

Option 1:  Someone is promoted to becoming an administrator, so they can edit or delete work/ add categorys for work to go into (E.G Canon/Non-Canon) and so on. They can add things from the Reddit posts aswell, to make it more canonical

Option 2: We abandon this Wiki, take all our work with us onto a Mianite Wiki where the Owner/Admins are active and can add/delete things accordingly. I have created a test Wiki here:  just in case the need ever arose.

If the owner DOES come back, and sees that this has been created, the reason we did this is because you haven't been on recently, and we need to get this Wiki fully up and running.

So, I need you guys to help me decide this.



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