• Smurpy02

    In the final episode of mianite season 1 Jericho, Sonja, Syndicate, Captain Sparkelz and skipper Redbeard go in search of Aethoria to save Ianite and Captain Capsize (Redbeard's sister and Sparkelz's love) from Gaurdian Furia who betrayed Dianite.Before they left they had to deal with Furia who attempted to destroy there vessel but using TwistedGuy's DNA they used cow wands to destroy him, but Ianite and capsize were still locked away. To begin there quest they sailed to Ianarea on the S.S. Jerry where they collected Ianite in soul form. They used her soul to travel through the portal to Aethoria.

    "ye will not respawn." warned skipper Redbeard when they arrived in the new strange realm that was Aethoria."Oh this place is so familiar." he sa…

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