"Just searing pain, bright light and a man screaming in despair. Then black" - Our Awakening


"James Hayes", also known as "Waglington", is one of the wizards in the group called "The Contractors", that is also known outside the Realm of Mianite as "FyreUK", as he along with the rest of FyreUK, build massive constructs in the World of Mianite.

He, contrary to Matthew Needler, Phil Southam and Tom Beer, first appeared in the Realm of Mianite on the 100th day of Syndicate's Mianite Series.

It has been confirmed that the Wizards follow no god, as the balance of power in the world would be screwed.

He has appeared the most out of all the Wizards, building small things like Darude under Tom's base, which was later destroyed by the pirates, along with a cathedral, Tuckers and Sonja's base as well as the Modestep nightclub by himself.

His work on the Cathedral and Temple of the Sandlord unveiled that the wizards gained their powers using a ritual they discovered through research.

He has recently built Tom's SaltShaker lighthouse, CaptainSparklez boat and the glass bottle that it is encased in. A little known fact is that he also single-handedly build Ianaria.

Now, in season two, he has been robbed of his abilities and has to retrain in magic. He and SynHd commonly work together, but so far he has neglected to fight the taint at all, because he says he can make taint, so therefore he can stop it (which was actually a white lie that he told to get out of cleaning the taint).

Later on in season two, Waglington started getting more involved in the actual game and doing things with the other players. After coming back from the adventure to Inertia with CaptainSparklez, OMGitsfirefoxx and SynHD, they officially did his initiation (the tiem reister chant) and finally made him officially one of the players which allowed him streaming privileges. But James won't stream on Twitch until he moves house and subsequently gets better wifi. He is now fully one of the players and even though he can't be bothered following story lines most of the time he does get involved, like that one time he had a little fling with MarthaTheMystic (episode 60. His name is also up in the Purge Hall in Ruxomar, along with other main players like CaptainSparklez, OMGitsfirefoxx, SynHD and iiJeriichoii

During the setup of Tuckers birthday celebrations a catastrophic event happened causing waglington to transform into the demon known as "wormlington" causing mass hysteria from CaptainSparklez and OMGitsfirefoxx. From that day the image of the demon "wormlington" has been burned into the minds of all who witnessed the event.