Murdery death murder

Is everyone just quoting me?

Ah ploop

I don't want to be a winjer because people who winje are annoying

Because I'm British

Trade? ill trade my fist with you're face you whore

More damage when attacking cites? Don't mind if I do

Ouch that hurt. Ouch that also hurt.

I wish I had a tank but I'm stuck with these giant murdery murderers

Oh free stuff. Nice

Don't kill my unit please

Bloop, my city, HAHAHAHAH

Ima kill you too

I'm sacrificing my units cuz tha'ts how I roll

Oh nice, I can steal there cities this is awesome!


I love taking over cities, its probably not good how much I love taking over cities

If anyone calls me dad in any way i will cry

Punisher, That's a cool name



Not quotes:

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