Descriptions Edit

The Wastelands is not an actual thing in Mianite, it's just an idea by Syndicate. The Wastelands is an ice spike biome far from spawn.

History Edit

Syndicate was new to 1.7 biomes, so he didn't not about the ice spike biome. When him and CaptainSparklez were in the need of snow, they have gone on an adventure to the snow plains biome, the ice spike biome is next to the snow plains biome, so Syndicate saw the packed ice from a distance, he thought it was a castle from the movie Frozen. After this Sparklez told him about this biome and he brought up an idea:

,,This could be a neutral area, where you could kill people and steal their stuffs and the wizard could move this place closer and hide rewards in it!" Syndicate

This wasn't a great idea, because moving the biome could make the area weird and people could exploit this place.